• Novi Daily furgon
  • Novi Daily furgon
  • Novi Daily furgon
    • Novi Daily furgon
    • Novi Daily furgon
    • Novi Daily furgon


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Iveco - Daily Furgon

Novi Daily furgon.

New DAILY generation

Your New Iveco Daily is an entirely new Iveco Daily: strong by nature and surprising in its lightness, comfort and driveability.

The new architecture optimises the load capacities. The new wheelbases improve the dynamic behaviour. The new suspension systems enhance performance and weigh less.
The New Iveco Daily thinks about your business– with bigger volumes, more accessible load platforms and lower fuel consumption.
The Iveco Daily has been entirely redesigned to meet all your light commercial transport needs – from the robust twin-wheel chassis cab to the single-wheel van, with its unrivalled agility around town and on the motorway.

A new concept, a new vehicle, a new generation of Iveco Daily.
With the New Iveco Daily, you have a choice of 8,000 factory versions, deriving from a combination of different body, wheelbase, power rating and payload variants.

The Iveco Daily range has a vehicle for every application, yours included!


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